Honoured by OIC TODAY magazine, the prestigious Jewels of the Muslim World Award is presented every year during a special ceremony held in conjunction with the annual event ‘The Muslim World Business and Investment Zone’. This award has the mandate of acknowledging the wonderful work done by great leaders from around the Muslim world. Their success acts as a source of inspiration to the youths, who will soon take the lead to grow the global Islamic economy.

  1. To recognise the transformational work done by talented leader in various industries.
  2. To inspire young men and women to become successful leaders who create positive change.
  3. To encourage extensive investment in entrepreneurship and build up strong economies.
  4. To show the world how the Islamic teachings stimulate accomplished individuals to excel.
  5. To bridge the gap and enhance the communication between current and future leaders.

Since 2014 a special forum was incorporated in the annual Muslim World Biz where the award recipients share their stories of success and how they managed to overcome different types of challenges. The Round Table Talk is exclusive for the participation of success-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs and top university graduates who would certainly benefit from the knowledge that is being shared. Also, the ‘jewels’ usually respond to questions and enquiries by the participants to help them draw and implement workable strategies.


The award recipients come from different industries and they are highly recognised for their excellent achievements that positively impact people’s daily life. Since 2011 a total of 59 leaders from 19 countries received the Jewels of the Muslim World Award. The winners are selected based on both their record of excellence to build and grow successful organisations and also in reference to the service they provide to facilitate the life of people in the local, regional and international communities.

Among the recipients of the Jewels of the Muslim World Award were the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali from the USA, the singer and songwriter Sami Yusuf from the UK, the investor and philanthropist Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal from Saudi Arabia, the Islamic scholar Mufti Ismail Menk from Zimbabwe, the renowned expert in banking and finance Amer Bukvic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the educator and mentor Tan Sri Professor Dato' Sri Dr. Yusof bin Haji Md Noor from Malaysia.